Weekend Media Auction

Hello out there! Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm having a video game auction this weekend (including a booster set from .hack\\ENEMY). Please visit the link below to take you there. =)

Click here for video game/manga/cards auction!

I also have some other items up for sale like plushies, VHS tapes, DVDs, electronics, etc if anyone is interested. Just click on my username to take you to my selling journal.

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Hey everyone. I'm new around here.
I just bought a starter set (BlackRose). I read the rule book, but I still really have no idea what I'm supposed to do. I have sort of a vauge outline, but that is it. I'm guessing that starter sets suck, so I guess I should buy some booster packs?
I guess what I'm trying to ask is, What should I do now that I have a few cards? And are there any important details that I should know that no one tells you? What should I do to get the best possible dack out there?

I really want to learn how to play well before I go out and start playing in tournaments and what not, kinda like a mysterious shadow like person.....Yeah.

So, any advice, y'all?
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Heh, guess this is the part for introduction :/

Well, you can call me Kentam, and as such, I guess I'm new here...

I think so ;)

Aaaaanyways, I'm a biiiig player of TCG's , my main ones are .hack//enemy (obviously) and Yu-Gi-Oh, though YGO right now seems to be winning over .hack....'cause I only know about 4 people in my city that play the game :/

^^ I play the games over MSN, tis fun... though since I got a Mac I can't do webcam or anything fancy like that, so I'm stuck to text, and thus, trust

I'm up for a game anytime! Right now, my 2 decks are:

Demon + Lizard deck with Fidchell + Twin Blades/Long Arms
Earth Elemental + Mimics with Gorre + Heavy Axemen

(crud, bell rang for class! must go!)

-Kentam =^.^=
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A Brief update and asking for some help

Its been real quiet around here recently.

At the end of last month, I had the pleasure of going to Otakon (anime convention in Baltimore) and had the goal of buying distortion and epidemic cards, since the GameStop near me doesn't seem to carry them anymore. Two days of searching found me me cards...got a Mia, Sanjura, and Terajima starter... still need an Elk- I'll get it sometime.

On Saturday of the convention I cosplayed as A20. My friend and I wandered over to Decipher's .hack//ENEMY booth/demo area. If you played a demo game, you got a freet booster, so we figured why not (my friend never played before).

Well, she pointed out that I was "on the card" (A20 was) and the Decipher guy was like, hey, hand me that black binder there and he HANDED ME AN A20 CARD!!!! I was THRILLED, to say the very least. They also took my picture, which I was told will be on the website, but I have yet to see it.

Anyway, this week my boyfriend and I purchased a bunch of Distortion boosters, and we split and epidemic booster box (got it off Ebay for $50). I also picked up a set of the "Queens."

So now I wanna retool my deck. But I have too many cards and am SO overwhelmed. >_o'

I'll post up my card collection in a day or so for help... basically, the only thing I know is I like long Arms (they have good to play/reward text imo) and twin blades come in a strong second. But with grunties and all these events/actions and items... I'm having a real hard time building an offensive deck.

For the record, I have Martina, Innis, and Magus... and I'd like to work Martina and whichever phase is easier to play into my deck.

Would a rainbow deck be a good idea? If not, which element/s do you suggest I focus on? I'll post up my card list tonight/tomorrow to help you guys help me. ^_^'

.hack//Prostar Tournament

Hi everyone. It's my first time in a community so I'd thought I'd try and advertise a tournament coming up on July 30th at the Great Mall in Milpitas. It'll be at Prostar (Near Entrance #4/Foodcourt) and the fee is a .hack//Epidemic pack and a dollar to get in. "bahamutzero421" is hosting the tourney, so if you can show up, he'd like that verrry much. ^_^ We have six or seven confirmed, so all we need is a few more. Oh, btw here's a link to my deck of you want to critique it. Post here of email-eth me: cweenv@yahoo.com. Thanks for having me and try to make it to the tournament! ^_^

Heavy Blade / Dark
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Sealed Deck Tournament

Hi everyone. I am new to this community but the venue where I play out here in Southern California is having a tournament next week so I wanted to let anyone in the are a know! :)

Njoy Games & Comics
8415-4 Reseda Blvd
Northridge CA 91324

Date: 7/18/2004
Time: 12:30 pm
Type: Official
Format: Booster Draft
Event type: Tournament
Cost: $10
Prizes: Store Credit
Minimum Players Required: 8
Other Notes: This is a booster draft event, requiring the purchase of three boosters. The entry fee for this tournament is $10. This includes the mandatory fee for Decipher.
Envoy/Volunteer/Judge: Casanovapooh

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Deck Help

Hey everyone. Me again. Thanks for the welcome to the group. Since we're all .hack//enemy players, I figured I could get some constructive criticisms on my deck here. I've run a Blademaster/Water Deck forever and a few days, and I've just finished tweaking it. Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks!

[B]PC's: 10[/B]
-Bear x 2
-Marlo x 2
-Rachel x 2
-Ginkan x 1
-Mia x 1
-Yuji x 2

[B]Equipment: 12[/B]
-Plate Armor x 2
-Frost Armor x 3
-Snow Panther x 1
-Ensui x 3
-Jinsaran x 2
-SWORD x 1

[B]Actions/Events: 8[/B]
-Gott Statue x 1
-Spring of Myst x 1
-Gan Slash x 4
-Repth x 2

[B]Monsters: 30[/B]
-Red Scissors x 3
-Scorpioid x 3
-Hammer Shark x 2
-Cyclo Shark x 4
-Snip Snap x 4
-Scorpion Tank x 4
-Water Witch x 4
-Mantis x 3
-Squilla Demon x 3

What's going on fellow players!

Wow, a community for the .hack TCG? Sweet. I'm glad I found at least ONE! Big hello to everyone as the newbie...Oh, does anyone know why they delayed Epidemic? Anyway, I read the post below about the .hack online engine, neat idea, I'm all over that one once I get home. Thanks for allowing another fan of the game on in here...